Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Landscape Quilting in Inuvik

This will be a quick and easy Blog Post this week. The Inuvik Quilting Guild received a 2013/14 funding grant from the NWT Arts Council to bring quilting instructors to Inuvik. This past weekend was the first of our two weekends of classes and it was an amazing experience. By Sunday night I was mentally, physically and creatively exhausted; it felt like I was put through the ringer but in a good way.

The class was taught by Donna MacDonald and Hazel Wainwright from Yellowknife. Donna travels extensively for quilting classes and works frequently with Gloria Loughman from Australia. Donna is now approved and able to teach the Gloria Loughman ‘Landscape Quilting’ class. Participants all got a copy of Gloria’s book ‘Radiant Landscapes’ to follow along with and we were even able to buy some of Gloria’s hand dyed fabrics as we worked on our projects.

As you can see Gloria’s technique involves a fused, tiled backdrop and then building up a foreground to support this backing. It is inspiring, creative, methodical and meditative at the same time and we all LOVED it. I have worked previously with Gloria Loughman and I believe Donna did a great job of expressing Gloria’s approach and ideas. Huge kudos!

 Here are the pics:

Yukon Paddle by Shona Barbour, Inuvik, NT
Stormy Sky by Janet Boxwell, Inuvik, NT

Street Sign by Anick Jenks, Inuvik, NT
So with that I leave inspired and with inspiration AND I have a whole week coming up of watching the Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championships to set my sewing machine up for!!!

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