Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Set of Unfinished Projects But Finished!

I have not done a Blog post for a while but thought I better keep up with things. Looking at the old posts it has been almost one full year since my last post. Within the past year I have spent a month in Bali, completed the Yukon River Quest marathon canoe race and undertaken another curling season including the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Plus the tons of quilting projects I seem to be constantly addicted to!
Recently, someone gave me a card with the saying Don't Quit Your Day Dream. I think this is a good mantra for this time of my life!
In September 2014 I made a listing of 31 Unfinished Objects in my sewing room (UFOs), although I know some people are now calling these Work Under Construction. By the end of February 2015, I had completed 15 of these original projects, although some have been sent out to the long arm quilter!

My most favourite quilt pattern, Yellow Brick Road. I use it constantly when working with beginners but it means I have done about 20 of these quilts. 

A quilt for my friend AW, the biggest quilt I have ever made at 100" x100". It is off to the long arm quilter.

Quilt 1 of 2 for my twin nieces as I wanted them to have double bed sized quilts from me rather than baby/crib quilts. The twins are now 4 years old!

This was a retro print panel and then all scraps from the Inuvik Quilting Guild!

Drunkard's Path ( backwards) made in an Inuvik Quilting Guild class with many pieces from a past class I took with Pippa Moore from Vancouver Island.

My 2015 Trend Tex Challenge quilt that will be mailed out this weekend! All for the 2015 Quilt Canada show in Lethbridge in June.

Wallhanging finally done from a class I took with Elaine Quehl when she was in Yellowknife a few years ago.

Start of a cool fat quarter quilt with igloo and tipi fabric!

My first attempt at low volume quilting, a project started with Cheryl Arikson from Calgary when she visited in Inuvik for Sunday Morning Quilts.

This is an OLD baby quilt that was from scraps and started about 8 years ago. It will be a community donation with other small baby quilts.
Happy sewing everyone and Happy National Quilting Day for March 21!

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