Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year and Resolutions...

For the first time ever New Year Resolution is NOT to stop biting my nails as I actually acheived that in 2013. Mostly, thanks to the Dentist who informed me I had damaged my front teeth due to nail biting! Crazy news and enough to get me to quit. Enough about that as there have been lots of changes to my life in 2013; I took some time off curling, spread my wings and started traveling and got myself deep into the new sport of canoeing/paddling. All good changes and no regrets. The one thing that has stayed consistant is my quilting (for creative and mental health reasons!).

So my New Years resolution for 2014 is to blog more. Plain and simply to add more entries and use this as reflection time for the activities and occurances during the year ahead. People always ask me, 'what's new?'. I dislike this question as I have come to a point in my life where things are usually fairly stable, little drama occurs and I just keep trucking along from season to season. I am hoping more frequent blog posts will show a little insight into my not-too-exciting- or thrilling activities!

Until next time here are a couple quilting projects from my absense on the blog for the last few months.

Hexagons- 2013 Inuvik Quilting Guild Annual Summer Quilt Show
by Shona Barbour

October 2013- Dyeing with Sue Brenner at Maiwa Textile Symposium in Vancouver
Details of New Year Baby Quilt- Inuvik Regional Hospital
by Shona Barbour

 take care of each each, be kind to your neighbours and be gentle with yourself.


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