Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Has Sprung and Brings Lots of Changes!

Lots of changes going on right now! I got myself out of my little health slump and am feeling a lot better. Also, have embarked on many new things to make me feel better which I will write about at some point soon. Spring has sprung in Inuvik and the snow is melting thanks to warmer temps and longer sunlight hours. I am loving this and the energy that comes with this.

Lots of changes announced in the curling world which all came a huge surprise to me. John Morris left Team Kevin Martin and joined up with jum Cotter in BC. They have announced they are doing a five player rotation and if John Morris reads my quilting blog... please contact Kerry Galusha and find out the pros and cons of this. It is WAY harder than it appears and I cannot speak for my Skipper but I do not like the five player rotation. Someone needs to step up and suck it up and be a designated fifth player.

As for the women's curling teams. Team Webster out of Calgary picked up Cathy O. There can be arguments for and against this and some people on Twitter and in the curling world have lots of opinions on this change. Cathy O. says she will be playing in playdowns for Scotties with this team also. So my reason for mentioning all this is to take a look at the Alberta ladies teams still in running for the Olympics! The list is long and full of talent! Kudos to Alberta ladies and thank god I returned North after U of A and that I did not stay in Alberta. This is an intimidating group of girl power!!!

As for quilting. Monday night is our last meeting of the Inuvik Quilting Guild before we break for the summer. Of course, we will be holding our summer quilt show but for now quilting activities slow down and we change our attention to the Inuvik Community Greenhouse and growing veggies! This weekend we hosted our last class of the season; a jelly roll quilt and the results were amazing (check out the photos below).

Class sample by Shona Barbour.

Amazing aqua and red combo by MA.

2 participants brought this same Northern Lights jelly roll, JB and BG.

AJ was up to her usual tasks of re-designing the pattern! Awesome!

So change has come as we switch seasons and activities. I think as I have gotten older (and wiser) change becomes much easier to deal with and I welcome this new time of year. Happy changes everyone.


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