Monday, April 6, 2009

Finishing Projects... January 2009

My goal of not buying quilting fabric and finishing unfinished projects started in January 2009 upon my return from Christmas in California and New Year's in Aklavik!
In January I managed to get get two quilt tops finished. One of which (the black and white Fence Rail) is for Tommy as he is has yet to get a quilt of his own. I had been collecting black and white fabrics for quite a while but picked up the border fabric in California to finish it all.
The second quilt top was made with a jelly roll that I also picked up in California. This was the first time I had ever purchased pre-cut fabric before. I used a variation from a pattern in a quilt magazine as the design. I picked up border fabric during a curling trip to Yellowknife.
My one exception to buying fabric is that I can purchase fabric required to finish projects!

Neither of these quilt tops are actually quilted yet as I will do this on my trip South. I will be heading down for Quilt SK and plan on dropping these off in Alberta to be quilted at that time.

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