Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finishing Projects... February 2008

My February projects (finishing projects) consisted of finishing pieces for a show with the Inuvik Quilting Guild. As part of a grant we received for a fabric dying project a requirement was to host a show with pieces made of the fabric we had dyed. This was a great project as none of us were too familiar with dying techniques and we got to teach ourselves and learn along side each other. I think we were a bit ambicious in how many techniques we could learn but we did get the basics down pat and produced some very nice fabric.

The theme of the show was; Colours of Our Delta and it was to showcase the colours of the Mackenzie Delta and the environment around us. I chose to focus on the pinks and burgundy's of fireweed and the deep blues and greens of the lakes and water. I love how my piece turned out. Now that I have the circle cutter ruler I would use that to get more 'perfect' circles. The show will hang spring/summer at the Inuvik Regional Hospital.

Our 09/10 NWT Arts Council grant application is to purchase a mid-arm quilting machine which would help so much in doing the actually finishing and quilting of pieces such as this one. I can only dream!


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