Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Why Am I Always Rushing to Finish Projects?

I have started to have this theory that I never seem to do a quilt project for the pure love of DOING the project. It seems like my approach is always to try to be finishing projects. My list of things to quilt is not a wish list of projects I want/choose to tackle but it always seems to be a list of projects that are necessary to finish. At times it feels like the projects become a chore rather than an enjoyable pastime. Although in all of this the irony is that I actually really, really love to QUILT!

So in following this theory the Inuvik Quilting Guild launched a UFO Challenge. How it works? On September 30 you submitted a list of unfinished projects, up to 12 projects and for every project you complete by March 31 you receive a ballot for door prizes. And so with the UFO Challenge in my mind, as of December I have completed 4 of 12 projects (a good pace I think).

Charm Box quilt pattern with Cotton + Steel fabric

Low Volume Slab Quilt, started in a class with Cheryl Arkison

This is actually 2 quilts made with my old curling uniforms. Used up a total of 11 jackets and 16 t-shirts and quilted by North of 60 quilting in Yellowknife.

One Wrong Colour quilt. This was a challenge project from the 2016 Mighty Lucky Quilt Club monthly projects.

Happy sewing!


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