Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Inuvik's Igloo Church

The most 'famous' image in Inuvik is the Igloo Church, the local Catholic Church in the community. I do love the Igloo Church; its shape, its location, its history and mostly its acoustics for hosting amazing local concerts. Just last week I saw the Gryphon Trio, a jazz trip (cello, piano, violin) from Toronto and their sound in the Igloo Church was so great. Plus they played a lot of tango music which brought me back to my time spent in Argentina this summer (think memories of tasty red wine!).

However, in artwork I have mostly stay away from this image. In the local art galleries and at the annual Great Northern Arts Festival the Igloo Church is so prominent in many artists work and photography. After being in Inuvik for over 10 years maybe I have seen the image of Igloo Church enough that I don't feel the need to create it in my own artwork.

Then came the 2016 Creative Challenge with the Inuvik Quilting Guild and guess what panel I go?!?! Yes that correct, the Igloo Church! And so I got started on creating a 2' x 4' panel of Inuvik iconic image, the Igloo Church.
Blocking out design of the arched roof.
Adding in smaller details with fusible applique pieces.
Layering process before starting to quilt and add thread detail.
My completed panel!
Completed quilted triptych of the Igloo Church. Check out how the stairs even match up to each other! 
Very pleased with the results of this creative design project and honouring the local landmark.

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