Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quilt Canada 2012- Northern Participation

I am planning a few posts tonight as today has been a busy, busy day at Quilt Canada 2012 in Halifax. All the photos and information included and added tonight is meant to inspire creativity and give a bit of an idea of where/what quilting is today. Don't think for a second this is sewing squares together like what your Granmother and/or Great Grandmother did!

I started a 2 day class today which is a first for me and I highly recommend it. I think I have moved beyond the 1 day classes where you only learn one or 2 specific techniques. A day 2 day class means that the instruction concluded on day 1 and now I have a full day of sewing and designing on my own. My 2 day class is Lines, Curves, and Wonky Log Cabins with Maggie van der Weit and so far she has been great. I have entered this class and have dove in with no plans or idea where this piece is going. For sure it is a sampler project as with each technique today I jsut added another strip to an ever expanding collage of things... don't laugh at the colours and design 'mistakes'! Included is also a start of chakra petals that I am experimenting with as I am really thinking of a class that combines yoga AND textile art. Again, I sooooo wish i could be an art therapist! I think the pieces could be use with an alter, meditation space, energy work area, etc.

I am very proud and a bit shy that I also have a piece in the 2012 Invitation Quilt Show that is held at Quilt Canada. This is a show where individuals are asked/invited to participate in based on their involvement with the CQA and/or Quilt Canada. Many people have commented on my piece including my instructors and I am very honoured by this. I know the piece is not perfect and is not ready something like the National Juried Show but respect that art is a journey and I think this is a good step/space to be in right now. It has given me a big of confidence to keep progressing and experimenting with things.

Although, I am the only person from Inuvik we have a big group of Yellowknifers and ex-Northerners here. They are so inspirational and encouraging and obviously, great company. Yellowknife Quilters has always been a strong Guild and many of these women were core to this Guild over the years. I have included all the photos of their show and tell from Judy Farrow's class. Fingers crossed that we will soon be going to Parksville, BC for a retreat/5 day workshop/studio time with Judy!!!!

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