Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quilt Canada 2012- Day 1 of classes is complete!

Day 1 of classes is complete and I believe has been a big success for not only the students and instructors but also for the organizers of Quilt Canada 2012. I honestly did not see any big issues at all over the course of the day.

I attended Heather Stewart's You've Got Mail class and if you are a quilter who likes little pieces and lots of repetition (like myself) then this class is for you. Just Google postage stamp quilts and start reading/learning about what this 1 1/2" technique is all about. Watch out Inuvik; as I am bringing this back to Inuvik for a weekend session!!! Sorry, but I cannot stay at home sewing that little of pieces together by myself! The photo attached is a detail of Heather Stewart's sample quilt and you check out her website at: I really great instructor and lots of knowledge and information on colour and design. She would be a great person to bring North.

Lots of the other 'northern' or 'ex-northern' quilters here attended a class with Judy Farrow which is a 2 day class. I am hoping that they show and tell all their projects for tomorrow's blog post. Judy is also an 'ex-northerner' and has created an amazing quilting career for herself and which is only expanding with an upcoming teaching session at Empty Spools in California. Yes, Google that too in case you want to quilt in a national park right on the ocean. I have included a photo of all the 'northern' quilters at Quilt Canada as I know how we all like to keep tabs on people who come and go from the North.

I also managed to do a quick walk about at the Merchant Mall today and boy is there a lot of 'stuff' out there to purchase. I always say that if you think of something (gadget, tool, book, fabric, supply) you can guarentee in the quilting world it has already been invented and retailed. I managed to find a really need little needle holder that for most people would be boring to hear but for all you quilters... I think it might mean the disappearance of the pin cushion sometime soon! :) Lots of good booths at the Merchant Mall, not as many as usual but still good in quality. Stitches is there from Salt Spring Island and their work and materials are always so inspiring. There is also Pippa Moore (and Joan) who work with ladies in Africa to produce some amazing quilting materials and fabrics. Pippa gave me a big hug this afternoon as I have previously taken a class with her and I really recommend people check out her blog at: She is such a warm and friendly person and is great for a new, modern approach to quilting. I use this Blog lots just to get a good boost of creativity.

I think that is all... day 2 tomorrow and the start of a big 2 day class that I have big hopes for!!! Enjoy!

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