Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toronto and the Under 18 Championships here we come!

I have officially started my curling coach career! In November the Inuvik junior boys curling team asked me to help them out and I am so happy that I said yes. now a few months later we are in Toronto at the Under 18 Curling Championships. This is a really young and green team but they make me laugh and impress me every single day.
When I was a junior curler they did not have the Under 18 Championship and so we ended up at junior nationals probably a bit earlier than we should have! I am excited to get to experieince with event and the benefits of this curling stepping stone with Chris Nerysoo, Kaidan McDonald, Deklen Crocker and Connor Sullivan. What a crew!
We spent day 1 of the trip at the Saville Centre in Edmonton. Coach Gary Coderre was great with us and had lots of tips and also praise for our little team. He said the boys were sponges and are eager which I think is a good combination. Then with a little luck and a lot of patience we have moved from Edmonton and are now in Toronto. AND we went to a Raptors game!!!!! It was amazing and they won! I am sooooo happy and appreciative that the parents treated us with such a thrill!!! Thank you, thank you and mahsi cho!!!!
So now to bed and to have a good rest before heading to the ice tomorrow. We are at the Dixie Curling Club which I have already been told won the Amarula Team Koe contest!!! Don't worry Kevin and Co.... I don't think the juniors will be wrecking the place too much before you all arrive!

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