Thursday, December 10, 2015

I did it... a Tula Pink bag!

Events in life always seem to be connected. Hazel Wainwright from Yellowknife was once my Brownie leader (Brown Owl) and now she comes to Inuvik to teach annual quilting classes with the Inuvik Quilting Guild and so 25 years later she is my quilting instructor! I believe this is the 7th year that Hazel has come to Inuvik to teach classes and is usually supported by funds from the NWT Arts Council. The Guild a large cohort of beginner quilters this year which made Hazel’s November classes the largest the Guild has seen to date (10-12 participants).
I wasn’t sold of the idea of a quilted bag class but I reluctantly signed up and I am so happy I did. In my addiction to Twitter (@arcticyogi), I am forever seeing posts of Tula Pink (@TulaPink) fabric being turned into amazing bags by her followers. Now I can claim to have made and use my own Tula Pink bag. Yes, I am a Tula Pink-oholic which means I collect the books, the fabric, the patterns, the articles, etc. but until now I haven’t cut much into my Tula Pink fabric staff. I love that there is now a part of quilting where you can follow along with fabric designs and be inspired from this process to. It is so much more than just walking into a quilt shop and not knowing the stories behind the fabric collections and designers. Love this!

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