Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring and Transition Time

This is always an interesting time of year for me as I return from the Scotties to Inuvik where there is a significant amount of more sunlight than when I leave for the Scotties. This two week period from mid- late February makes a huge difference to the seasons in the North. It brings me back to Inuvik with renewed energy and a real sense of home and place. This year was no different.... I love Inuvik in the spring.

It also means that my focus lessens on curling and increases onto quilting. I am craving time in my sewing studio right now and have been squeezing in as many spare moments each day to escape into my studio for just a few extra stitches and seams.

Yes, the Scotties was amazing. Great fans, great teammates and major attention on yourself all the time (!!!!), plus all the time to compete against and catch up with your good friends. Each year I have so much to be thankful for with curling. Curling really has been a great blessing in my life and as an adult I am even more apprecaitive to have competitive sport still in my life. In Kingston, I managed to play one game, against BC. When the girls first asked me to play I was very hesitant but then decided if nothing else I could punch a bit of extra energy in them to take on Team Canada in their final game. And so I stepped up and played third for team NWT, maybe not playing as stellar as I could but holding my own and pumping up the girls. We lost that game on a last rock shot by Kelly Scott and team but it was a good showing for our team that had been struggling. And more importantly, the girls played their last game that afternoon against Team Canada AND yes, they pulled out the win. A perfect way to end a tough week!

I returned from Kingston on the Monday, rested that night and then re-entered the quilting world! More handstitching of binding (boring) and some new projects (exciting). I had to put my million class projects/samples aside and focus more on a project that challenged me. Therefore, I pulled out some fabric Eric Carle panels (yes, I know , everyone has them!) but started on a Kaffe Fasset block arrangement to complete the quilt. I think this is an interesting (and not boring) approach to a project! I love Kaffe Fasset and his appreciation of repetition and a million little pieces. And so, yes, I have been sewing lots of 16 patch blocks but loving every minute of it!

I'll continue to see what the lengthening days bring into my sewing room and what the sunlight inspires me to create as we continue into the Arctic spring days!


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