Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keep your fingers crossed!

Team Galusha seems to be in the winning spirit right now and we NEED to keep it that way. As most people know Kerry won the Ford Hot Shots competition on Saturday morning. This seems to be the big story in the newspapers. We also had an amazing win against team Alberta in the first draw. I can't say that we silenced the hometown crowd as they seemed to be cheering for us and for good shots during the whole game which shows just what a knowledgable crowd is in Red Deer. The crowd also went crazy when they showed Kevin Koe (Kerry's brother) and his family (Carla, Ava and Lila) on the jumbo-tron. Not sure what people thought when the reigning Alberta men's champion was celebrating a win against the Alberta women!!!
We then came out really flat against PEI and suffered a loss. This was a combination of a few things going wrong and we had a good team meeting afterwards to correct these things and to continue building our awareness of what we need to be doing to win.
So Sunday afternoon now and I can report another win against Team Nova Scotia. We did a lot of things right and it felt really good on the ice. Megan is back and feeling great and we are definately trucking along full speed again! I think the final score was 10-5 and that made the fans happy. Lots of Northerners in the crowd, also family and ex-Northerners. The support we are receiving is amazing.
So one more game tonight against Newfoundland. We'll need a win in this one for all the transplanted Newfies in the NWT! Remember to check us out on Twitter @teamgalusha

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