Sunday, September 25, 2011

September always means fall time and a new set of Beginner Quilting courses in Inuvik. This year makes the 6th or 7th year I have done these. The first year we did a beginners course 22 people signed up! We didn't want to turn anyone away as it was the year we created the Guild. Over the year's we did start to limit the course size and have also experimented with different projects.

We have done wallhangings and table runners which I have proven to be good projects but I feel these are as much work as a larger project and does not give as much satisfaction in the finished project. After being inspired by a new quilter in our Guild who showed up later in the year and just jumped right in I decided this year to tackle a lap quilt project right from Day 1 for the new beginners.

I chose the Bento Box pattern and participants brought their own fat quarters for this. It is all worked out perfectly, although the original Bento Box pattern could use some updating and not waste so much fabric!!!! Participants were not scared of anything and except for the occational freak out that something was cut wrong. Everything turned out great.

We will do a follow up session so to teach layering, quilting and eventually binding. Here are some photos of our sweet success!


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